Our goal

Diamond Ocean L.L.C. is Dubai based diamond trading and manufacturing company, situated in heart of Dubai Gold Souk. We are one of the leading manufacturers and trader of small to large-sized diamonds.

The company is a versatile and forward looking one-stop-shop geared toward satisfying all types of diamonds demands. It offers an entire range of certified and non-certified diamonds in rounds and fancies from 1 pointers to 10.00 cts. We have our own source of buying and manufacturing diamonds from India, Hongkong, Belgium and USA. We have combination of manufacturing (constant supply) + buying (constant supply at current price) to serve our customer with all range of diamonds at reasonable price.


"Our goal is to ensure that our customer get the supreme quality with perfection to fulfill their demand's at reasonable price"


We sell polish diamond online

From our website you can check our stock and order us your required stone.

Diamond Ocean has a forceful sales team that fosters its global growth. Its competent sales task force, attend to diamond wholesalers, retailers and jewellery manufactures across the world.


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